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Strong on-page optimization is the core foundation for any successful SEO strategy. Getting your website pages optimized effectively before attempting to drive traffic to your website is the most effective way to improve conversions and sales.

Our SEO experts test and fix your website so it’s in compliance with Google guidelines, is rich with fresh, original content, and so it’s free of on-page SEO issues. This ensures your website is properly crawled by search engine robots, and that your pages are visible and easily indexed for target keywords.

Use Our On-page Optimization Checklist

Stop wasting time fumbling to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Get right to the good stuff – generating more traffic and boosting your search rankings. Use this on-page optimization checklist:

  • Does the page have an SEO friendly URL?
  • Does your page have high-quality, original content?
  • What is the targeted keyword for the page?
  • Is your targeted keyword phrase included in the page headline?
  • Is your targeted keyword used in headers and sub-headings
  • Is your targeted keyword and keyword variations used in the body copy?
  • Is the page optimized for social media sharing?
  • Does the page include relevant images and other media to make it more engaging?
  • Are your meta title and description tags optimized? Do they include your targeted keyword?
  • Does your page link to other relevant (onsite and offsite) pages?
  • Is your page mobile friendly? Does it use responsive design?

There are more elements to review during an on-page optimization (thinks like navigation, calls to action and user experience, but this list will certainly get your started. To learn more about fully optimizing all your pages, give us a call, we’re here to help. Request a free quote today.

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