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SEO Website Audit Is Critical for Your Business to Survive.

Why Completing a SEO Website Audit Is Critical
for Your Business to Survive

Wonder what’s preventing your site from ranking higher
in search engine results?

SEO Website Audit

Staying on top of the latest SEO practices and algorithm changes can be overwhelming and highly competitive. Getting an SEO website audit is critical especially if you are just starting to look into ranking your site. You’ll need to make sure your SEO strategies are regularly updated to match Google algorithm changes, which can be a tedious and sometimes confusing task.

One great way to ensure you are not missing out is through performing a professional SEO site audit. A yearly SEO audit can help to make sure that your site is not losing out on the ranking it deserves.

What is an SEO audit?

Essentially, this kind of website audit is a checkup of your site structure, content and setup to see how well it’s functioning in comparison to your competition. It’s a process that uncovers weak points in your online campaigns that may be hurting your performance. An added benefit is that it can also reveal new ways to improve your SEO campaigns and strategies.

A proper SEO audit will give you a list of things that you need to fix to improve your performance. Here are 5 benefits of getting a yearly audit and why it’s crucial for a business to survive in any economy.

1. Evaluation of your performance to identify weaknesses.

Google loves a healthy website so much that it uses site performance as a key ranking factor. Regular SEO audits are crucial to checking the usability of your website on all platforms.  An SEO audit for performance will investigate many factors, including anchor text, sitemap, and even your social media platforms. It will also check load times to check for any red flags that you need to address.

The evaluation of your site’s performance is crucial as it ensures your site does not get penalized by Google and damage your site ranking. Discovering these weaknesses in time is the first step to implementing a successful SEO strategy.

2. Helps you identify Google’s Algorithm change in time Google changes.

Over the years it has become more evident that one change in the Google algorithm can cripple a business and many can’t recover. Google makes large and small changes to its algorithm frequently, following new technology and search patterns.

When you conduct an SEO website audit, you will receive the latest updates on the Google algorithm. This will help you to stay up to date with the dynamic SEO environment ensuring you rank as high as possible. It will also help you to evade penalties in your ranking score.

3. Enables you to identify and correct weak points in time.

An SEO audit will pinpoint the weaknesses on your website’s SEO strategy. It will go ahead and recommend the best possible fixes for them.

For example, the audit my point out that your business’s physical address is buried deep within your site. As a solution, the audit may advise you to have the address featured on a separate page on your site.

If you implement this recommendation, your business may benefit from more locally based searches finding you online. The SEO audit may also identify if you’ve misidentified keywords on your site. It will suggest more relevant keywords to ensure your website is easily found by google.

4. It identifies the strengths of your competition.

The chances are that you have one, two or three direct competitors that are doing well and achieving better results in Google search ranking. Naturally, you would want to know what it is they are doing differently to gain such results. Fortunately for you, an SEO website audit will analyze their SEO to find out the actions behind their success and share this information with you.

It may find that your competitors are earning links from qualified websites or have faster website speed. With this information, you will be in a better position to improve your own site’s SEO performance. The findings from the audit will also provide suggestions on how you should make changes to get an advantage wherever possible.

5. Increase your conversion rate and sales.

A detailed SEO website audit will provide you with insight on which of your SEO strategies are delivering the best result. You’ll be able to see the content type or keywords that are driving the most traffic. With this information, you will be in a better position to plan a better lead generation strategy, helping you improve your bottom line.

After a thorough and professional website audit, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive checklist. Your checklist should contain details of any issues spotted and recommendations to help improve your SEO.

Not identifying weaknesses in your SEO strategy in time can hurt your SEO efforts and therefore, ultimately impacting your bottom line. We strongly recommend a professional website SEO audit every 6 months. We offer an in-depth SEO audit that delivers an easy to understand report and comes complete with our expert recommendations. Get Your FREE SEO Analysis Now!

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