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SEO Copywriting Tips for Higher Rankings, More Visitors, and Improved Conversions

The following list of SEO copywriting tips will not only assist you in creating much better SEO copywriting, but when you are in the market for a SEO company, it’ll assist you in determining if they create powerful search engine optimized copy for their customers – and will assist you in determining whether or not to hire them!

As we stress here at, SEO copywriting will be the “deal clincher”. All the traffic on the globe will not assist your business in closing a sale if your copywriting is not able to close the sale or generate leads for your company.

So let’s look at a few of the top SEO copywriting tips used by our expert writers to boost web site rankings, traffic, and conversions.

Seven SEO Copywriting Tips and Best Practices:

  1. In addition to utilizing software programs to measure key phrase density inside a page of copywriting, our writers also use a common sense approach to find out the number of repetitions of the given phrase and ensure it make sense from a reader’s perspective. Using a lot of repetitions within the incorrect locations is considered keyword stuffing.
  2. They make sure to write the top key phrase into the title tag, the primary heading, and through the entire page of copy.
  3. They always perform a second pass and look for creative ways to optimize the content with as many search terms as make sense. For example, they might include optimized subheadings that improve readability and communicate ideas more clearly.
  4. They do not dilute the content by using too many keywords. A good rule of thumb is to use not more than two or three unique phrases for every 500 words (much less for shorter pages, much more for lengthier ones).
  5. When faced with a long tail keyword phrase, they occasionally use punctuation to divide parts in the phrase so that it reads better. Search engines do not understand commas, periods and so on.
  6. They try to avoid utilizing deliberately misspelled words; it’s considered a search engine optimization trick and it just looks foolish to viewers.
  7. They always create pages of new material which are relevant to website visitors, and not just to be able to shoe-horn the chosen key phrases into a page of copywriting.

Expert SEO copywriting is crucial to online companies due to its ability to sell to visitors. Google and the other engines have become excellent at mimicking human behavior. So the more you pay attention to these SEO copywriting tips and the better your copywriting speaks to your website visitors, the more it’ll be liked by the search engines.

Understanding exactly where and just how many key phrases to use is just one component of the equation. To function perfectly, web copywriting has to create a desire for action in a website visitor too. And that’s probably the most essential objective of SEO copywriting practiced by our writers.

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