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Web Design, Development & Search Engine Optimization Company is a design, development and an organic search engine optimization company with a business license in the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We specialize in helping clients bring a concept or an idea to life on the web. Our team of in-house search engine optimization experts will increase your sales either directly or indirectly by optimizing your website for specific keyword phrases that will help you place higher in the major search engines and attract targeted website traffic.

Brendon Turner

President | Director of SEO & SEM

Brendon has spent 14 years in the search engine optimization industry and heads up the SEO division of Web Development Company Inc. Starting at a junior level technical position at a large search engine optimization company more than a decade ago, he successfully optimized the website's belonging to hundreds of companies around the world by increasing online traffic and significantly improving sales. Since then, he has helped numerous online companies worldwide dramatically increase their search engine placement, traffic, and ultimately, sales. Brendon has written/published several SEO articles and is a respected leader and innovator in his field. Brendon's business process is based on a belief in the strict adherence to ethics which has helped establish an excellent track record for getting quality results as evidenced by our SEO testimonials. is now one of the top SEO companies in the world.

Design & Development

We like to think of ourselves as the new model of creative organization, one that is built to efficiently withstand today's volatile economic climate, while still being at the forefront of rapidly evolving technologies and design methodologies. We've stripped away the extras, the structure, and almost everything else, leaving a free-formed collection of talented creative designers, developers and project managers that exist in perfect harmony, both as individuals and as collaborative teams.

How does this relate to the management, creation and development of your project? It relates in the following ways:

  • Designed smarter. A clear focus on your brand and messaging.
  • Developed smarter. Always using the latest technologies and methods of deployment.
  • Managed smarter. Straightening the lines of communication.

Search Engine Optimization Company

Our search engine optimization company prides itself on implementing ethical, non-spam search engine optimization solutions to increase targeted website traffic. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau of Calgary, Alberta. We also are highly respected by our colleagues in the online business community.

SEO Marketing Team

At, we realize that it doesn't matter if you have great search engine rankings if the traffic those rankings generates doesn't convert into new sales for your company. Our SEO marketing team will spend time learning about your products and services as well as your competitors and they will perform thorough SEO keyword research that will be targeted to generate a higher quality of traffic and attract more business for your company. Our SEO consultant experts will also help manage any pay-per-click campaigns you have in place to help you bring in even more targeted traffic and increase sales from your website.

Content Development Team

The Content Development team at has been trained to write SEO copywriting that contains quality keyword-rich marketing content that attracts the attention of search engines and visitors. Our copywriters will research your company, products and services before they begin to write content containing unique, useful and keyword dense verbiage that will incetivize a positive response from your website visitors.

SEO Strategists / Programmers

When SEO specialists are working on your new web pages, no detail is overlooked. The SEO strategist will hand code the pages to ensure search engine visibility while at the same time maintaining the original look and feel of your website. Every SEO strategist in our search engine optimization company knows the optimization processes because they receive regular training and only the highest ethical practices meet their standards. When your newly optimized web pages are live on your website you will have a serious advantage over your competitors and you will see an increase in your website traffic.

Linking Specialists

Another element that search engines take into consideration when deciding where your website should rank is your website's link popularity. In general, the more relevant pages that link to your website, the more significance your website will have to the search engines. Our link popularity building team will acquire high quality relevant one-way links pointing to your website, ensuring that your back links will not be devalued or become useless to your search engine positioning.