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Link Popularity Building: Straw Vs. Bricks

May 3, 2013
Posted By: Brendon
Category: Search Engine Optimization

Keep your eyes peeled for search engine optimization companies that build link popularity the way the three little pigs built their first two houses: out of straw and sticks. In other words, they engage in link popularity building the quick and easy way, without planning for the future. Any successes gained by their methods are short lived. No happy endings there.

Our link popularity building process is brick-solid, from the foundation up, and we'll explain why.

But first, let's look at some of the different link popularity building strategies out there and see how they compare.

Link Popularity Building That Doesn't Weather Well

Some link popularity services still rely on building vast link exchanges for their clients using link farms, link swaps, and other discredited schemes.

Some set up site-wide paid ads. Others establish a network of websites all cross linking to each other.

Still others dump your link on low quality, low PageRank pages that have no relevance to your business.

They're all like the pigs' straw house: easy, cheap, and useless in the end.

The search engines realized long ago that these kinds of links give no indication of a site's true importance. So they dropped those criteria and developed new, more relevant standards. Any SEO provider still living by the old criteria... well, they're building a straw house for you, their customer, to live in.

Link Popularity Building That Works

We'll build you a brick house based on a link popularity building blueprint that is approved by the major search engines... one that is proven to produce positive rankings that generate results which will continue strong, regardless of changes in the weather.

The best link popularity programs work on two levels: they raise your rankings and they deliver genuinely targeted traffic to your online business.